Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Some Practical Living Amenities For Senior Citizens

With the heightened concern about how senior citizens are living in retirement today, there has been a fixed set of amenities that many believe to be staples in assisted living. Here is a list of practical must-haves for our seniors:

On-site assistance: Seniors need to be provided with human assistance for their various needs. This can mean having an able body to guide them in going to the bathroom, or perhaps having someone to simply remind them to take their medication.

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Complete housekeeping and utility services: When people get older, they tend to be more physically sensitive to nature’s elements. This is why regular housekeeping goes a long way in assisted living. Senior homes today have responsive handymen to manage issues on plumbing and electricity.

Transportation: With so much unpredictability in the life of a senior citizen, transportation should always be ready for them. The degree of urgency there is in the trip hardly matters. It’s true that seniors need to have easy transport to the hospital if needed. But if they need to go to the grocery or some other leisure place, they also need to be served accordingly.

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Wellness programs: The objective of assisted living is the fulfilment of the overall well-being of a senior citizen. If they are not healthy, this affects every aspect of their lives. They need to have a venue for group exercises to be held and they need a facilitator for this. Assisted living is not complete without a health professional in the area.

Recreational activities: Recreation makes senior citizens feel alive and happy. Assisted living facilities should include simple parks as well as libraries. These need to be furnished with places where seniors can read, play chess, play cards, or even simple sports.

Alan Naul leads the Javelin Group, which specializes in building, sponsoring, and investing in commercial real estate in the senior living and hospitality sectors. A fuller scale of the company’s services can be viewed on their website.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Questions to ask when choosing a senior care living home

Taking care of a loved elder sometimes means making the decision to seek for a senior living facility. Naturally, this requires the consent of the entire family. Consent, meanwhile, primarily takes into account concerns over welfare. That is why families have to comb through all the details in the selection of a senior living facility. They should ask themselves the following questions:

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What are the physical and mental limitations of my loved one? This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Real estate developers build their structures with comfort in mind, but assisted living homes require certain features to accommodate a variety of conditions. There are homes whose caregiving manpower and facilities are specialized.

An online search narrows down the list of potential homes. However, an ocular is always in order. If possible, families should try bringing their loved one during the visit to see how he/she likes it. Remember that the loved one will be the one living there, so his/her approval is important.

What are the staff like? The most common way to determine staffing capabilities is through reviews. Check to see how other residents and their families rate the facility. Another recommendation is to have the loved one stay in the facility for around three months and see how it goes. This is a trial-and-error practice.

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What are the contingency plans: Families should always ask their senior living facility for their operational procedures in response to medical emergencies. There should be an open dialogue between the facility and the family regarding whom to call during crisis. These plan should also include details on planned visits and the like.

One good way to narrow the list is to ask real estate management companies for recommendations. These groups are aware of trusted facilities within their area.

Alan Naul is part of the Javelin Group, a real estate asset management company focusing on senior living care facilities. Learn more about the Javelin Group when you like this Facebook page.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What People Need To Know About The Hospitality Industry

The global hospitality industry is a huge, billion-dollar industry. And with hundreds of millions of people traveling the world, hotels and other hospitality establishments will always be in demand. Here are just a few of the mind-blowing statistics regarding hotels in the world: 

There are over 700,000 hotels and resorts all over the world, with a combined total of around 15.5 million rooms. 

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In the United States alone, there are over 52,800 hotels, motels, and lodging properties for people to stay the night in, and almost 5 million rooms. Of the 5 million rooms, over 3 million are always occupied. 

On an average, one night in a hotel in the United States will cost travelers around $120-$125. Generally, the daily cost of a hotel room in the US is $5 to $15 higher than rooms around the world, except for hotel rooms in Africa and the Middle East. 

Image source: pursuitlist.com

The most expensive hotel rooms in the world can be found in Geneva, Switzerland. Rooms are around $300 to $310 a night. 

The Ritz Carlton Central Park and the Mandarin Oriental in New York City have the most expensive rooms in the United States. The lowest rates in these hotels are around a thousand dollars. 

The total revenue a year for the hospitality industry in the United States is over $160 billion. 

Alan Naul is the founder of Javelin Group, a company that is currently working with Hilton Hotels in building a hotel called Canopy by Hilton in Dallas. For more on the hospitality industry, visit this blog.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Beefing Up Luxury In Mixed-Use Hospitality Developments

Image source: canopybyhilton.com
In building mixed-used developments (properties built for multiple functions, such as residential, commercial, and entertainment), it is critical that developers establish good working relationships with investors, designers, lenders, and professional service providers. While function should be the top priority, design is just as important. Collaboration among the involved parties is key to achieving objectives.

Canopy by Hilton, Hilton Worldwide’s new lifestyle brand, and The Javelin Group, are currently developing Canopy Dallas | Uptown. With focus on vibrant, culturally rich neighborhoods in select cities across the country, this project aims to beef up luxury and functionality in mixed-used buildings. In Dallas, the project is being built at the intersection of Cityplace West and Oak Grove in Uptown Dallas. It aims to accentuate the importance Cityplace as a hospitality hotspot. The building will open in fall 2017 and will feature a restaurant and a rooftop bar, serving local, healthful cuisine with evening wine and beer tastings.

Image source: thejavelingroup.com
Uptown Dallas is an eclectic mixture of many modern developments, currently hosting a number of restaurants, galleries, antique shops, and boutiques, as well as a complimentary trolley line to the Arts District. There, guests can explore popular neighborhood attractions such as Rye 51, an upscale-rustic menswear store with a whiskey bar; The Magnolia Theatre; The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art; and, The Rustic, a popular night spot featuring local cuisine and live music acts.

Alan Naul leads The Javelin Group, the Cityplace Co., and Forest City Realty Trust Inc., the developers behind the highly innovative ‘Canopy by Hilton,’ a real estate project that targets vibrant, culturally rich neighborhoods in select cities across the nation. Read more about it on this website.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Canopy by Hilton: Dallas Uptown’s Finest

Hilton Worldwide’s new lifestyle brand, Canopy by Hilton, and The Javelin Group have announced their plans to build and develop Canopy Dallas | Uptown.  The new Hilton lifestyle brand, which was launched just last year, targets culturally rich and vibrant neighborhoods in different cities.
Image source: us.viadeo.com
Uptown Dallas in Texas has over a hundred restaurants, antique shops, boutiques, and art galleries.  The neighborhood is known for the local art scene.  It is home to the Magnolia Theater, The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, and The Rustic, a night spot that features live music acts.

Just like all Canopy brand hotels, Canopy Dallas | Uptown appeals to travelers who want a unique, simple, and upper-upscale experience.  The 150-room hotel is located at the intersection of Cityplace West and Oak Grove. 

Uptown will be the hospitality highlight of Cityplace, which features high-class residential development and mixed-use luxury retail.  It is financed by Texas Capital Bank, and is expected to be open to public by fall 2017.  Aside from its vibrant and cultural themes, the Hilton hotel will feature a rooftop bar and restaurant that serves healthy cuisines.  Its convenient location is perfect for those who want to experience the city’s unique entertainment, shopping, and dining scene.

Image source: canopybyhilton.com
Alan Naul is the founder of The Javelin Group, a company that makes strategic investments in commercial real estate and senior care.  Learn more about the company’s recent acquisitions and projects by visiting this blog.