Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Questions to ask when choosing a senior care living home

Taking care of a loved elder sometimes means making the decision to seek for a senior living facility. Naturally, this requires the consent of the entire family. Consent, meanwhile, primarily takes into account concerns over welfare. That is why families have to comb through all the details in the selection of a senior living facility. They should ask themselves the following questions:

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What are the physical and mental limitations of my loved one? This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Real estate developers build their structures with comfort in mind, but assisted living homes require certain features to accommodate a variety of conditions. There are homes whose caregiving manpower and facilities are specialized.

An online search narrows down the list of potential homes. However, an ocular is always in order. If possible, families should try bringing their loved one during the visit to see how he/she likes it. Remember that the loved one will be the one living there, so his/her approval is important.

What are the staff like? The most common way to determine staffing capabilities is through reviews. Check to see how other residents and their families rate the facility. Another recommendation is to have the loved one stay in the facility for around three months and see how it goes. This is a trial-and-error practice.

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What are the contingency plans: Families should always ask their senior living facility for their operational procedures in response to medical emergencies. There should be an open dialogue between the facility and the family regarding whom to call during crisis. These plan should also include details on planned visits and the like.

One good way to narrow the list is to ask real estate management companies for recommendations. These groups are aware of trusted facilities within their area.

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